Speaker's Biography - Paula Sanfey

Paula Sanfey - Veterinary Nurse - Dublin, Ireland

Paula is a registered veterinary nurse and has been working as a vet nurse for the past 13 years. She began her career in the UK but returned to Ireland 3 years later and spent time locuming in several different practices. She then joined Palmerstown veterinary hospital and has been happily nursing there for the past 8 and half years. Paula is a senior vet nurse there and their Cat Advocate.

Paula has a special interest in all things feline and completed the ISFM Diploma in Feline Nursing, with distinction, earlier this year. She is currently working towards the ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour.

Paula created ‘The Purrfect Nurse’ page on Facebook and Instagram in August 2019. The aim of the page is to encourage and motivate other vet nurses to be more cat friendly and to develop ‘Cattitude,’ a feline friendly approach to cats and their owners. However, she feels that cat owners can also benefit from this approach. A better understanding of cats means happier cats!