These are the recordings of Online Dublin Cat Fair 2020 that took place on 19 April 2020. These are Zoom recordings.

Ada Li - Pet Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Dietitian - Hong Kong

Business owner at Momo Doggie Massage in Hong Kong, Ada has been doing ongoing study and practice of pet massage for over 10 years. Ada practises a unique method of a combination of Chinese meridian acupuncture and Western lymphatic theory. Target different layers of muscle with appropriate pressure, it helps to bring relaxation, muscle and joint mobility and stimulate blood circulation. This is especially beneficial to special need cats and elderly cats.

Ada’s professional qualifications includes: Japan Chihiro Agui Accredited Professional Pet Massage Therapist, Japan Pet Massage Association, JPMA Registered Pet Massage Therapist, PYIA Japan Pet Medicine Dietary Management Qualification Certification, Certified Pet First Responder, International BHL Pet Care Instructor Certification

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