We are all under a lot of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, but often people don’t realise our cats are also under a lot of stress with all the changes. More movement in the house, noise in the house from endless virtual calls with people articulate through the mic (“You are on mute!”) and people waving around doing exercising through virtual classes, all of these are new to our feline friends! 

To make situation worse, as your cat was settling into the new routine, depending on where you are, the restriction in your local area might be slowly lifting. So your cat will need to re-adjust yet again. 

This short guide is going to give you short, shape, actionable steps to help you and your cat to cope with the stress under COVID-19 pandemic. You might also be interested in this short course:

Alice is a cat behaviourist, writer & educator. She has been working with over 1000 cats for over a decade and have been featured on media in Ireland, Estonia and Hong Kong. All advice on this booklet are science-based following the latest international guidelines.


p.1 Why are cats experiencing pandemic stress?

p.2 How to know if your cat is under stress?

p.3-5 How can you help your cat during the pandemic?

p.6 What happens when the pandemic is over?

p.7-8 So how can you help your cat after the pandemic?

p.9 Shopping List

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