Thorough human history, cats are often considered to be a mysterious animal. In some culture, they are considered to be magical, while on the other hand, considered to be evil in some other culture.

As cat lovers, we also often wonder, what they are trying to tell us? What are they thinking when they are staring at us with their eyes half closed? Are they happy at home with us?? What are they saying to us when they meow? What do they need from us?

In this course, we are going to look at:

  1. Common body language
  2. Micro body language that even the most experienced cat lovers often missed
  3. Facial expression
  4. Vocalisation
  5. Other communication method: scent, purring, telepathy (?!)

Attention: This course is based on the findings of the latest cat behavioural science. We have prepared a long list of reference, if you are interested to look at the original research papers.

For over 11 years, I have helped 1000s of cats and their humans to live a happier life. I have studied hundreds of hours of cat behavioural science, read hundreds of newsletters & journals, and have collected over 100 cat books (check out my private cat book library on this YouTube video).

In this course, you will take advantage of my vast experience and knowledge, so that you don't need to spend thousands of hours on internet looking for answers. and still not sure if the information is compatible to your cat and situation. More importantly, you know that the information you get from this course is science-based following the latest guideline from the international cat behavioural science community.

Alice Chau-Ginguene - cat behaviourist, writer, educator, advocate - Dublin, Ireland

For over a decade, Alice has worked with thousands of cats and their humans, to educate and to find harmony in their living space.

She believes most of the cat “problems” are not really problems, but rather a misunderstanding between cat and human sharing a living space, and a solution can be found through education.  

She is the founder of the longest standing, award winning pet sitting business in Dublin – Maow Care and the founder of Ireland’s first cat-centric festival Dublin Cat Fair. She is also a Pet First Response instructor and Missing Animal Response Technician. She has been featured on numerous media both in Ireland and abroad. She has been recently featured on RTE documentary – One Day: Keeping Ireland Company 

When she is not working with cats, she is writing about cats. You might want to follow her very popular blog here

Fun fact: She has travelled 10,627.48 km over the years together with her cat Larmlarm when they moved from Hong Kong to Paris, then to Dublin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this training and other trainings?

There is honestly not many cat behavioural science training out there. Cats are often being neglected by the society. There are a few online courses on other platforms, but if you check the credentials of the instructors, you will realise many of them don't actually have animal science background or have never had extensive experience working with animals. If they have animal background, they might not be specialised in cats. I have worked with thousands of cats exclusively for over 11 years.

When does the course start and finish?

The course will start whenever you want and your access never ends! You can do the course at your own speed.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will get lifetime access! Purrfect! Once the recordings are uploaded, you have unlimited access to all the material for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I devote my life to helping cats and their humans. If you don't find this training helpful. Please be in touch within 7 days, I will give you a full refund.