“How do I trim my cat’s nails?” has to be one of the most frequently asked questions and yet there is so little information available on this subject matter. People often give comments like “you need to get your cat used to it” but they never tell you exactly how?

This seemingly simple question causes lots of headache (and also some scratches) to cat lovers around the world! And the good news is, it is possible to get your cat used to nail trimming with patience and time. And this training guide will give you step-by-step instruction to do that!

ATTENTION: It takes time to get your cat used to it, it’s not for a quick fix, but the result is worth the effort.


p.1 Do I need to trim my cat’s nails?

p.1 How often should I trim my cat’s nails?

p.2 What will happen if my cat’s nails need trimming but I fail to do so?

p.3 What’s the story with scratching posts?

p.3 I am too scared, can I get a professional to do it?

p.4-6 My cat won’t let me, what should I do?

p.7 What do I need to trim my cat’s nails?

p.8 Which nail clipper do you recommend?

p.9 How to cut your cat’s nails

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