Litter tray problems are the number one reason why people call for consultations. It is important to mention that if the cat goes outside of the box, is always because there is something wrong that we need to look at and they are asking for help. It is NEVER because they are being naughty. 

The first step to help your cat is to investigate the reason why they are peeing outside of the litter tray by bringing it to the veterinarian for a check-up and exams. If the veterinarian does not find any health problems then is time to call a behaviourist. 

ATTENTION: This 16-page short guide is not replacement for behavioural consultation. But this is an accessible option for those who want to get some tips about this subject matter.


p.1-4 Why does your cat pee everywhere?

p.5 Some common litter tray problems

p.6-7 How can you know if is an emotional or environmental problem?

p.8 A word on urinating vs. spraying

p.9 Why do you need to take cat pee problems seriously?

p.10 How to handle the “crime scene”? p.11-12 How to set up an optimal Litter tray

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